Update in investigation of Sheriff’s Office Detective

The Macon County Sheriff’s Office released a press statement Wednesday concerning the internal investigation into criminal complaint allegations against Detective Amy Stewart.

Sheriff Holland said in that statement, that Detective Stewart has been re-assigned to the Investigations Unit and will continue to be actively involved in any investigations at the Sheriff’s discretion.

Stewart was issued criminal summons on January 6 after allegedly making a threat on school grounds.

Macon County Schools’ Superintendent Jim Duncan issued a letter on January 7 banning Detective Amy Stewart from school grounds and sporting events—whether home or away.

He has now reduced restrictions to allow her on any school property or any school activities for “job-related” purposes, expect for Franklin High School.

Earlier this week, Stewart’s husband, Steve, also a Detective at the Sheriff’s Office requested that Dr. Duncan lift the restrictions saying they were unfair.

“The ban was based on alleged events,” Detective Stewart told the school board Monday night.

“No hearing has been in place that I know of. She hasn’t been found guilty in a court of law.”

Holland said in conclusion Detective Stewart has adhered to all requests made by Dr. Duncan and has fully cooperated with the investigation.

“Since Detective Stewart was served with the criminal summonses, she has obtained legal counsel and I will continue to support her right to exercise her Constitutional rights, just as any other citizen has a right to do”, Holland said.