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WFSC Streaming Weekday Schedule

      Tell It and Sell It: 9:00am – 10:00am

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March 10th     vs Brevard  7pm

March 17th     vs Smoky Mountain  7pm

March 21st     at North Henderson  4:30pm

March 23rd     at Pisgah   7pm

March 24th     vs East Henderson  7pm

March 28th     at West Henderson  7pm

April 4th         vs Tuscola  7pm

April 7th         at Brevard  7pm

April 11th       vs Pisgah   2pm

April 18th       at Smoky Mountain  4pm

April 25th       vs North Henderson  4:30pm

April 28th       at East Henderson    7pm

May 2nd         vs West Henderson  7pm

May 4th          at Tuscola   7pm