Shoppers showing more confidence, say NC Retailers

November 30, 2012

Consumer confidence here in North Carolina appears to be perking up after a vigorous weekend of sales following Thanksgiving.

The North Carolina Retail Merchants Associations is taking a close look at how much was spent on black Friday and the following days, and according to President Andy Ellen, North Carolinians are spending more.

“There’s a little bit more enthusiasm with the shopping season this year. People have prepared better, have saved, and have looked forward to what purchases they are going to make for the family, friends, and children.”

The retail association says it wasn’t just the big box stores that were busy with holiday shoppers as many locally owned small shops and boutiques were also filled with shoppers getting ready for Christmas.

Ellen says part of the Retail Merchant Association’s goal is to convey the importance of shopping locally, “Support those businesses that are in your community, whether large or small. They sponsor your little league teams, employ people in your community, pay taxes, and donate to different charities at Christmas time. Those are the ones that are doing it. The’s are not doing that for your local community.”

According to Ellen, retail merchants are the state’s top private employer.


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