Local couple continuing efforts to open childcare center

Efforts continue to expand child care in Macon County with a new center. Local residents Chuck and Susie Williams are the visionaries of creating that new center on the Old Murphy Road at the site of the former Franklin Orthopedic Specialists.

Much is yet to be done before the center can become a reality including licensing and a complete overhaul of the building.

Chuck Williams says the cost of turning the building into a needed childcare facility is going to be around $2 million. They’re hopeful grants, donors, fund-raising and financing will help pay that cost.

The Williams say the idea came after they started running out of options for their granddaughter’s childcare four years ago.

“It all started with our personal need and then we found there was a huge need in the county as shown in the 2009 Child Issues Committee Report.”

The proposed Macon Childcare and Education Center is expected to provide 120 child care slots and 35 jobs initially.

Susie Williams says they are hopeful to provide a type of scholarship funds for parents who little or no state subsidy to pay for childcare.

To help offset some of the costs of starting up there will be a special fundraiser on Friday, November 9 at 6 p.m. at the Wildflower Club House off of Coon Creek Road. Susie explains The Toast and Roast will feature live music, silent auction and great food.

“That particular fundraiser is going to help with some of the fees of getting this program going. Fees for grant writers and the architect.”

Tickets are $50 and are available at the Franklin Chamber of Commerce.