County expanding dental clinic

The county board of commissioners has approved a lease that will expand the adult dental health clinic.

The county will lease the 2,000 square foot building which is the former Nantahala Physical Therapy Location. The new facility will provide space for four chairs initially, but it may expand to six chairs over time.

Commissioners also approved $114,000 in additional dental equipment for the new clinic location.

Jimmy Villiard with Macon County Public Health explained to commissioners the new location and equipment will be big benefit to local residents, “The main things we’re going to add is a dental chair and everything that goes with that. One thing we’re adding that we do not have the capability at our current location is a Panorex dental machine, which is the state of the art standard of care.”

The clinic is currently operating on the lower level of Dr. Silverstein’s Office.

Health Officials said about $25,000 in renovations will have to be complete for the new adult dental health clinic can open.