More details on Fouts shooting

Just four months following a father-son shooting death on Coweeta Lab Road that stunned Macon County residents, another father is in jail accused of murder his son.

Authorities are investigating Tuesday night’s incident on Hazel Fouts Road that left 30-year old Levi Fouts dead, and his father in jail facing a second degree murder charge.

The incident occurred in the Burningtown Community around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at 132 Hazel Fouts Road.

Shots were fired as Deputies were responding to a call from the distraught mother of Levi Fouts, Cecelia Carpenter told 911 dispatchers that Fouts, and his father Ricky Fouts had been fighting throughout the day.

“They’re both drunk and they’ve done been in an altercation. There’s going to be another one,” said Carpenter to dispatchers.

Carpenter, who lives at another residence told authorities she had been dealing with them over the phone all day trying to keep the peace, but said the dispute was headed out of control.

Upon arrival, officers discovered the victim lying on the ground with a female kneeling beside him crying, and his father standing in the driveway. Reports indicate the Fouts was shot in the abdomen with a .22 caliber long rifle. He was flown to Mission Hospital where he later died Tuesday.

The father, 52-year old Ricky Fouts is in jail on a $125,000 bond. He is expected in court on December 6.