Pipe bomb scare proves false at Macon Middle School

An incident occurred at Macon Middle School this morning and Sheriff Holland states: “At no” time was any student or any other person in any danger.”


A student told another student that he/she had found what he/she believed to be a “pipe bomb” and this was subsequently reported to school personnel. The Sheriff’s Office and other first responders were notified and initiated an investigation. The initial information available did not indicate that any device was on school property; however in an abundance of caution a portion of the campus was treated as a crime scene and thoroughly searched by Deputies and no explosive device was discovered.


While the search was taking place, Investigators interviewed the student and were informed that the device was not on school property but had been seen in an old barn near the student’s residence. Investigators located the device where the student said he saw it and it was determined to be an old-fashioned automotive timing light and not in any way a dangerous or explosive device.


Sheriff Holland states: “School personnel, Emergency Management, first responders and my officers acted professionally and appropriately in dealing with this incident and I want to thank everyone involved for their assistance.”