Fifth grade being added to RGNS

In fall 2013, Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School will offer 5th grade in its new middle school complex. Head of School Dr. Anthony Sgro is excited about the opportunities the new Rabun Gap Middle School complex will offer. “For years, families have expressed interest in Rabun Gap offering a fifth grade, but our current facilities limited our ability to serve that need for the community. The size and features of the new Rabun Gap Middle School make expansion to the fifth grade a perfect complement to our program.”


The Rabun Gap Middle School currently serves approximately 90 students, most of whom are from the local area including regional counties in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. In addition, the Rabun Gap Middle School is known as a leader in junior boarding programs in the Southeast and offers a boarding student community which begins in seventh grade and serves students from several states and countries. With the additional space and amenities provided by the new facility, Rabun Gap expects to incrementally and strategically increase enrollment while maintaining high admission standards, small class sizes, and individual faculty support all in a Christian context which are hallmarks of the school. In addition, Rabun Gap Middle School will continue as a leader in excellent core curriculum, arts education, language exploration (including French, Spanish, and Mandarin), biblical studies and applied environmental science with experiential stations on the banks of Betty’s Creek.


Earlier this year, Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School contracted with the Rabun County School System to purchase and take ownership of the Rabun Gap Community School in the late spring of 2012. The facility is located adjacent to Rabun Gap’s main campus and expands the school’s campus to include a 34,000 square foot facility located on 12 acres to be exclusively dedicated to middle school programs. The facility will have a separate dining hall, practice gymnasium, commons area (for gatherings and library use), 13 classrooms, a fine and performing arts room, a science laboratory, athletic fields, pavilion, and more. The facility will undergo a massive renovation to bring the new Rabun Gap Middle School complex in line with the architecture of the main campus. The dining hall will be expanded, the gymnasium floor will be replaced, locker rooms will be added, extensive classroom technology upgrades will be made, and the current library and office space will be replaced with an open Commons area. Smaller renovations and upgrades will take place throughout the facility to give it the “Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School” look and feel.


For information about the fifth grade expansion and the new middle school program enhancements, please contact the Admission Office at 706.746.7720.