Town passes junk car policy

On Monday, the town of Franklin adopted an ordinance to deal with junk or abandoned cars.

The ordinance had been in and out of committees for the past few years and sets specific definitions for a junked or nuisance vehicle and also an abandoned vehicle.

The policy will allow the town to have abandoned and junked vehicles removed by a towing service.

Town legal counsel John Henning said the regulation also prohibit vehicles that become nuisances.

“Certain vehicles that are left to collect water, or harbor weeds and that sort of thing are a nuisance. This will be one of our first approaches to a new look at a nuisance ordinance.”

Those in violation of the ordinance will be notified prior to removal, and there will also be an opportunity for an appeal.

Henning said that current violators of the ordinance will be contacted before the ordinance goes into effect so that they remedy the situation in advance.

The Board unanimously voted to adopt the Junk Car Ordinance effective February 1, 2013.