Commission seeks more time to evaluate Parker Meadows

Parker Meadows property has been vacant since 2008

County Commissioners say more time is needed before they close on the 48-acre Parker Meadows property that is being sought for a new baseball/softball complex.

Monday night, the commission voted unanimously to request an extension of the due diligence period to allow for the identification of cultural resources located on the land.

County Commission Chairman Kevin Corbin says the board approved a Phase I archaeological survey of the Parker Meadows property.

Corbin expects the study to take around 60 days and notes they’re receiving full support from the Cherokee on the project, “They said they’d be happy to assist in anyway.”

“They [EBCI] want the Phase I just to identify what is there. There’s nothing we’re going to do that is below plow depth expect for sewer lines and where we would put any kind of building. If we were to put a building on grave sites, then we’d either have to move the building, or the grave sites.”

North Carolina law requires governments to gain approval of the Eastern Band when disturbing any land.

The additional time will also allow county officials to evaluate the property to ensure it will meet the needs of the project. Corbin said there is a relative certainty it will, “Because it’s bottomland we wanted to make sure we could get septic on it, which we can. We wanted to make sure we weren’t violating any of the flood ordinances, which we would not be.”

Commissioners requested until April 15 to either close or back away from the property. They entered a formal offer to purchase the land in November for $550,000.