IRS delaying start of tax season

Taxpayers wanting to file their returns with the IRS will have to wait a little longer than usual because of changes in the tax law in January.
The IRS will begin accepting and processing federal returns January 30 this year, according to IRS Spokesman Mark Hanson.
The original plan was to start e-filing on January 22, but the IRS will need more time to update its systems due to the tax changes passed by Congress January 2.
Hanson says according to which forms you’re filing, there is a chance of an even longer delay, “Taxpayers who might be claiming residential energy credits, form 4562, which is depreciation and amortization, also form 3800, which is the general business credit—if you have one of those forms in your return, then you’re going to experience a longer delay as the IRS updates its computer systems.”
It could be late February or early March before those households can file, but most will be able to starting January 30.
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