Over 400 cited in Macon County during latest “Booze It & Lose It” campaign

Over a dozen impaired drivers were taken off of the roads in Macon County during the latest Holiday Booze It & Lose It campaign.

State and local law enforcement joined forces and issued 443 traffic and criminal violations in Macon County during the highway safety crackdown which ran from December 7 through January 2.

Locally, a total of 14 were charged with DWI, 12 were charged with drug violations, 7 fugitives were arrested, 141 speeding tickets were issued, and 40 were cited for not wearing their seatbelt. Additionally, 14 were caught driving without insurance, 6 without license, and 7 were cited for reckless driving. A total of 54 checkpoints and patrols were conducted in Macon County.

Statewide, over 3100 motorists were charged with driving while impaired during the highway safety campaign.