Cold for a Cause putting a dent in hunger

A local man’s efforts to raise awareness of those in need in the community are being called a big success.

For the fourth time, Franklin resident Patrick Jenkins spent a winter’s weekend outside suspended in a crane during the annual Cold for a Cause event January 18 and 19.

The event is both a food drive and winter item drive for local food pantry Carenet. Jenkins tells us this year’s Cold for a Cause collected around 1100 pounds of food and about 2500 coats and winter items.

Jenkins, who faced frigid temps Friday and Saturday night, is quick to credit the community for this effort, “I’m just the guy sitting up in the crane. I do like to pass on the credit to the people that bring the items. Without them the event wouldn’t be as successful. I do appreciate the support, the calls, the drive-bys throughout the night honking the horns giving me incentive to keep going through the 48 hours.”

One bit of encouragement was the number of parents that brought their children out to the event, Jenkins said.

“I’m more parents passing on the overall mindset of just being watchful for others in their community and doing something good for others. I have a lot of young that will walk up to the box that we put the items in and they’ll be carrying a coat they got personally from their closet and tell me they want to donate it to a young person.”

Earlier this week, Patrick was named the Franklin Chamber Citizen of the Year for his efforts to help those in need.