NCDOT asking drivers to remain off roads unless absolutely neccessary

Main Street appeared quiet as many businesses were closed Friday due to the weather

As freezing rain and sleet falls throughout Macon County, several reports of icy road conditions are occurring on local roadways.

Some minor accidents have occurred on the Highlands Road, and one near the top of Cowee Mountain where a car reportedly slid into the guardrail. Additionally, a rollover occurred on the GA Road near Addington Bridge Road.

NCDOT workers in Macon County are treating the bare pavement roads—known as the primary routes—at this time.

Macon County DOT Supervisor Jim Ashe said salt treatments are freezing nearly as they’re being put down, “Moisture is diluting the salt we put out and it will freeze right behind the trucks–we’re just having to keep salt down and do the best we can. Right now, if they don’t need to go anywhere or if it’s not an emergency, they need to stay at home,” Ashe said.

Icy conditions also knocked power at many homes. Duke energy reported as many as 177 customers were without power in Macon County Friday morning.