Franklin Police to get new software for patrol cars

Franklin Police received approval from aldermen this week for software upgrades for the patrol cars of officers.

The new software for the cars is required to be implemented by October, according to transitioning Town Manager Warren Cabe.

He told aldermen the new program will benefit the department and safety of citizens by providing a vehicle location system and other features.

“We’re not big brother, but it covers us on the liability. It shows our officers out patrolling. It also allows officers in the cars to have the CAD screen—the stuff dispatchers enter on the screen—will be pushed out to the officers. They’ll get much more information on the computer right in front of them they would normally get.”

Cabe says the new software also has capabilities of tracking the car’s speed and whether the lights or sirens are on.

The cost to the town is going be around $27,000—they’re saving quite a bit of taxpayer money by partnering with Macon County’s 911 System which is already using the software.