Sweepstakes law takes another turn: Sheriff now enforcing ban

The Macon County Sheriff’s Office issued a letter to local sweepstakes establishment owners this week saying they now have full power to enforce the ban on sweepstakes games.

The letter states a ruling in Davidson County that allowed certain types of gaming machines to operate has been dissolved and, “There is no legal barrier that prohibits law enforcement from criminally charging individuals for violations of the video sweepstakes ban.”

Sheriff Holland states in the letter that he and his staff have talked numerous times with individuals associated with various businesses operating or considering operating the games in Macon County. He says the individuals have attempted to seek legal advice and are asking questions about which modifications to the games would make them legal.

The Sheriff says they have tried to make it clear they will not provide legal advice on the matter, but they continue to receive phone call and voicemails.

Holland has instructed his officers to investigate complaints and reports of violations and enforce the law.

He says there will be no grace period or immunity from the ban on video sweepstakes machines.