Town considers land donation to hospital

A Memorial Garden is being planned for Angel Medical Center, but hospital officials are hoping the town of Franklin will help provide property to make it possible.

At this week’s town aldermen meeting, Bonnie Peggs, Marketing Director at Angel, presented plans for the Memorial Garden and asked the town if they’d consider donating a 1 acre parcel of land next to the hospital for the garden.

“One of the things we don’t have at the hospital is a place for people to have respite,” said Peggs.

“All over our campus, we have a number of memorials where people have bought a stone, or a bench; and we wanted to have one place not only to recognize people in memory, but also for people to have respite.”

Plans for the Memorial Garden include a fountain, trees, and benches.

Town Officials made no decision, but talked favorable about the possibility of allowing Angel Medical to use the land.

Mayor Joe Collins asked the hospital to obtain a survey of the parcel and to allow the board time to look over the property, which is not currently being used.