Nantahala School could procure state teacher funding

Macon County School Officials are hopeful Nantahala School’s unique location will translate into additional teacher funds for the K-12 School.

On January 28, the school board approved Superintendent Duncan’s request to appeal to Senator Jim Davis to introduce a bill that would classify Nantahala as geographically isolated.

Schools classified as geographically isolated receive special funding for one teacher per grade level from the State’s General Appropriations Budget.

A bill was passed in 2009 providing those state teacher funds in the isolated K-12 schools, but Nantahala missed the cut due to a density requirement.

Duncan says one school that did qualify actually now has more students than Nantahala, “I find today that Nantahala School has fewer students that Ocracoke School. If they would simply take out this policy with regard to a school where the average daily membership is less than 1.5 students per square mile, then they would be able to allot teachers.”

House Bill 815, introduced in 2011, would have allowed the changes and granted Nantahala the state teacher funding, but the bill failed to pass committee.

Duncan is hopeful changes in the legislature will allow the bill to pass this time. He is recommending that Senator Davis and Representative West file the bill this legislative session.