New diploma designations coming to NC high school grads

A bill just signed into law by Governor Pat McCrory gives North Carolina students receiving a high school diploma a boost as they head into the workforce or college.

The Career Technical Education Law gives high school diplomas an endorsement of either career-ready or college-ready.

State School Superintendent June Atkinson has been vocal in her support of the change, “It elevates students who pursue a technical sequence in high school. It also gives students options so they can combine both career and college-ready endorsements.”

Another advantage of the vocational or college designation is that students can focus more on learning what they’re interested in.

“They can become more focused and see the reasons why they’re learning English, Language Arts, Math, and Science,” Atkinson said.

Students also have the option to earn both designations for their diploma.

The CTE Law will increase opportunities for high school students to enroll in high-quality career and technical education (CTE) programs in areas with high employment needs.