State releases new school safety strategy

The state’s top officials revealed plans this week for a center to help keep North Carolina schools safer.

The Center for Safer Schools was officially announced Tuesday by Governor Pat McCrory. The center’s mission will be to examine the best school security programs across the country to see which would best fit the state’s school districts.

The center would also be part of the State’s Department of Public Safety and would be a central point for working with local school boards and districts to offer specific solutions to preventing violence. This center for school safety could also propose legislation and make policy changes.

“The center will develop a comprehensive strategy, not based just upon a motion or the politics of the day, but the best practices that are being used throughout North Carolina to protect our children, teachers, school administrators, and our communities,” said Gov. McCrory on Tuesday.

Eight public forums are scheduled across the state to gather input before some initial recommendations are made on the center.

North Carolina’s Attorney General Roy Cooper the public input is important to the center, “We can always use new ideas, and I think it’s important to get feedback from the public and the schools on how to keep schools safe. But, there are some things that we know work. School Resource Officers are a key component to safe schools.”

Several years ago North Carolina had a similar initiative going with the Center for Prevention of School Violence.