School Board approves independent provider for athletic drug testing

Macon County school officials say athletic drug testing is becoming more of a deterrent, and will now be the responsibility of an independent, third-party company.

At Monday’s Board of Education meeting school personnel director Dan Moore, who had been assisting with the implementation of drug tests for student athletes, presented a proposal from another company that would take over the process.

The cost would rise by about $450, but school board attorney John Henning Jr. says it is the right move for the school system, “To finally have taken the responsibility for doing this, and placing it into the hands of somebody who does this professionally and get it out of the hands of your personnel director, we’re far better off and safer this way.

Moore also presented the board drug testing results for the 2012-2013 school year. A total of 1076 student-athletes were screened. Of that number, three returned positive.

Moore told the school board that fewer tests this year had to be sent off for further analysis which shows the effectiveness of the testing.