Town: No more banners across streets

The Franklin Board of Aldermen voted Monday to prohibit banners from being suspended across streets.

Alderman Verlin Curtis made a motion to delete from a town ordinance the provision that allowed banners to span across streets and roadways.

Curtis cited concerns about the banners distracting drivers or falling down, “We all know there is a matter of safety involved in it–especially being attached to private buildings.”

Not all of the board was against the street banner displays. Alderman Bob Scott explained the street banners would help promote downtown Franklin, “We’re seeing a revitalization of Franklin we haven’t seen in thirty years.”

Mayor Joe Collins, too, was in favor of allowing the banners, “I do like the ability to have the signs from building to building. It adds a flavor to the town that’s necessary.”

The final vote was 4-1 with Scott opposed.