Franklin opposes bill to change public notices

Franklin leaders are formally expressing opposition to a bill to allow certain counties and municipalities to opt out of the requirement to post public notices in a newspaper of record.

It would allow them post the notices online instead of in print which is the current law.

The Public Notice Bill narrowly passed the Senate last month and is now being discussed in the House. Senator Jim Davis of Macon County voted for the measure. He was quoted by WRAL saying governments shouldn’t be paying money to newspapers.

At the May 6 Franklin Aldermen meeting, town board member Bob Scott lead discussions about the legislation, which would affect Macon County. Scott motioned for Aldermen to pass a resolution showing legislators they were against the move.

“Every municipality better sit up and take notes. They’re [General Assembly] taking water rights away from towns, they’re taking airports away from towns. We need to send this message that we don’t agree with this,” said Scott.

Scott also believes switching to online announcements only would be a disservice to the public.

“The victim here is the public’s right to know.”

The motion to send a message in opposition passed 4-2 with Aldermen Jamison and Mashburn voting against it.

“I think they’re just trying to save some money,” Jamison said.