Town repeals portion of Amusement Ordinance

Town of Franklin leaders have cleared the way for establishments to provide pool tables and serve alcohol, after repealing part of a 1948 ordinance that banned the two activities in same place.

The matter was brought to a vote during the Monday meeting of Franklin Aldermen; however, not all of the board was eager to change the ordinance.

Alderman Verlin Curtis voted against repealing the ordinance. Curtis objected to making provisions for private clubs to establish in the town—he said the alcohol referendum that passed several years ago only approved beer and wine sales in Class A restaurants and hotels.

“It’s kind of unfair to keep repealing ordinances that make a way for an expansion of alcohol. Private clubs are springing up—too many. As far as I’m concerned, one is too many,” Curtis said.

Town attorney John Henning said regardless of the referendum, private clubs could open due to the State ABC law, and the amusement ordinance only regulated what activities could take place.

“If the ABC commission will give you a permit to have a private club, you can do it and there is no local regulation that can change that.”

Alderman Bob Scott said it was time to change the 65-year-old ordinance, “Things have changed since 1948. Let’s face it, our demographics are changing too. People are coming here for the type of amusements where alcohol is served.”

The final vote was in favor of repealing the ordinance 5-1, with Curtis opposed.

The town board indicated two clubs have planned to begin providing amusements.