County Manager Horton announces retirement

HortonMacon County Manager Jack Horton says he is ready to move on as he announced his plans for his retirement during the county commission meeting Tuesday night.

Horton said he’ll retire October 1, 2013—he is currently serving his second stint as county manager in Macon and has been very involved in some big accomplishments for the county in his two periods of administration.

He first served from October 1985 until March 1991 and his current tenure began in January 2008.

Just some of the changes that have occurred with Horton at the helm include: the current landfill, SCC Public Safety Training Center, the airport runway expansion, Little Tennessee/Cartoogechaye Sewer project, a new animal shelter and ordinance, library renovations, an overhaul of the recreation park and pool, and three new schools and improvements to four schools.

Over the past five and a half years, Macon County has consistently maintained one of the lowest property tax rates in the state, while maintaining a strong fund balance.

“These things just don’t happen by accident,” said Horton. “They happen because people of vision work together for the common good of all citizens.”

“I’ve enjoyed my tenure as your county manager and I am thankful for the support and respect that I have received from the board of commissioners, county employees, and the citizens of Macon County. The time has come for me to consider retiring from my profession to pursue other goals and objectives that I’ve long ignored or postponed,” Horton said.

Current Commissioners thanked Horton for his service. Chairman Kevin Corbin described Horton as one of the most respected managers, “I’ve been involved in enough statewide and regional meetings to know that Jack Horton is possibly the best county manager in the state of North Carolina. When you talk to county managers and commissioners from other counties, they share that same respect.”

Commissioner Ronnie Beale said the decision to hire Horton was one of the best and most important decisions that recent commissioners have made.

The board unanimously accepted Mr. Horton’s retirement, and will soon begin seeking a new manager. The county plans to involve Horton with the process of finding candidates for the position.