N.C. scores 27th nationally for cost to drive

Bankrate.com has released a new report on the cost of driving. The site ranked each state with Georgia being the most expensive. Claes Bell, a Senior Analyst with Bankrate.com, says North Carolina ranked near the middle.

“North Carolina ranked 27th out of the 50 states. They tended to have slightly above average taxes and fees versus the rest of the country. Where North Carolina was really quite high was repair costs. The average annual repair cost in North Carolina was $389 a year versus an average of $353.”

Bell says North Carolina drivers pay more, on average, in taxes and fees, but actually pass less for auto insurance, “They were one of the lower states in terms of insurance costs. The national rate was an average of $762 year—people in North Carolina paid an average of just $598 a year.”

The average annual cost to operate a vehicle in North Carolina is $3,193, just below the national average of $3,201 a year.

The report said Oregon was the cheapest state to drive in because of low taxes and fees.