60th Macon County Fair opens Wednesday

Bill Thrasher, winner of the 2012 "Best Cake in the County" with his carrot cake

Bill Thrasher, winner of the 2012 “Best Cake in the County”, with his carrot cake

It’s known as the last fair in North Carolina that is purely agricultural, and this week the 60th Macon County Fair comes to the Wayne Profitt Agricultural Center in Franklin.

This year’s theme is Diamond Jubilee in honor of the fair’s 60th anniversary.

The fair opens to the public on Wednesday, September 11 at 1 p.m. with, as always, a wide array of events and activities for everyone says Cooperative Extension Director Alan Durden.

Durden encourages you to participate in the fair by making an individual entry in one or more of several categories including farm products, livestock, flowers, crafts, photography, baking, and many more.

“Individual entries are a big part of the fair—maybe the biggest part,” he said.

Entries for the fair will be taken on Tuesday, September 10 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Judging will take place on Wednesday prior to the fair opening.

The fair runs through Saturday and will conclude with a horse show on Sunday.

“It’s free, old-fashioned, and for the whole family. The Cooperative Extension in Macon County invites everybody to come out and support—and especially participate in the fair,” Durden said.

For more information about entering the fair and other details visit www.themaconcofair.com or contact the Cooperative Extension at 349-2046 for a fair catalog.