Jackson Sheriff’s Office probed for checkpoint targeting

Following several complaints over a seatbelt checkpoint held last year, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office will make some changes in how it conducts its checkpoints.

Complaints were made that the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office was targeting minorities in some of its checkpoints—one particular event was on May 15, 2012 when 15 undocumented immigrants were detained in Tuckaseegee.

The ACLU got word of the complaints and began an investigation says ACLU of North Carolina Attorney Raul Pinto.

“This was the first time we have heard of in North Carolina that there was a checkpoint where federal immigration enforcement was involved. Secondly, we started seeing there could be improvements in the way the checkpoints were being recorded and how they were being conducted.”

Other problems the organization claims include inadequate documentation of the checkpoints.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office will no longer conduct checkpoints with federal immigration officers and will provide additional training for officers on executing checkpoints.