Candidates begin filing for 2014 elections

Macon County voters will decide on several key public offices this year and as the election filing period opened Monday, there was a strong showing from incumbents.

According to the Board of Elections, as of Tuesday, Macon County Sheriff Robbie Holland filed for re-election, in addition to County Commissioner Ronnie Beale, County Commissioner Jim Tate (Highlands), Clerk of Court Vic Perry, and Register of Deeds Todd Raby. Two challengers have filed for the board of commissioners. In District II, Gary Shields declared candidacy and in District I (Highlands) Michael Rogers has officially entered the race.

Additional elections this year are North Carolina Senate District 50 and North Carolina House District 120.

The deadline to file for election is Friday, February 28 at noon. For additional information contact the Board of Elections at 349-2034.