School calendar update

With inclement weather being a factor lately, the Macon County school board spent part of their meeting Monday discussing finishing this school year and preparing a calendar for next year.

This calendar year, the district, as a whole, has missed seven days due to inclement weather. That translates to 58 hours of missed instruction, but the calendar was planned with 55 additional hours beyond the state requirement.

School leaders have converted the remaining teacher workdays into instructional days, which will help offset the missed time and give the district some additional flexibility.

Superintendent Dr. Chris Baldwin proposed an early dismissal on the final day of school if no additional days are missed, “Should we not use up those remaining 18 hours—because we have a cushion of about 18 hours of instruction. If we get to the end of school and we have not missed additional days, I would ask the board to allow us to have an early dismissal on June 13 in order to finish testing and end school.”

Baldwin also said next year’s school calendar has been drafted, but recommended the board wait on adopting it and possibly get a calendar waiver, “The way the law is, if you miss eight days in any of the past four school years, you qualify for a calendar waiver. If we were to miss one additional day, we could qualify and it would allow us to start school one week early. There is a possibility we could finish the first semester by Christmas break, if we were to do that.”

The state requires 1,025 instructional hours or 185 instruction days each year for students.