Tower plans on West Old Murphy Road turned down, for now

Two applications for telecommunications towers were presented Tuesday to county commissioners and both have been turned down.

The second application and public hearing was held over the proposal of a 180 foot tower at 2533 West Old Murphy Road.

Following the recommendation of county planner Matt Mason, the board unanimously turned this application because a propagation study was not submitted by the applicant, Tower Engineering.

Justin Cosgrove, an engineer, speaking on behalf of the applicant, explained why they’ve yet to complete that study.

“Being that the carrier isn’t confirmed, you can’t do a propagation study. I have confirmed that both Verizon and T-Mobile are interested in the subject site, along with AT&T.”

Several residents, who live in close proximity to the proposed tower, voiced concerns about its location during the public hearing.

“If that’s beneficial, put it on top of the mountain—not in my backyard,” resident James Banks said.

County commissioner Ronnie Beale urged the applicant to search out another location that would not infringe on residents.

“It’s going to be very hard for me vote in favor even you come back with the studies, if it’s this close to these houses. These folks are highly invested in Macon County and are taxpayers—I’d encourage you to look up the hill,” said Beale.

The application was denied, however, the board voted to keep it open until a propagation study could be completed.