Macon County Manager Presents Proposed Budget to Commissioners

At this week’s meeting of the Macon County Board of Commissioners, County Manager Derek Roland presented the board with his proposed budget for the coming Fiscal Year, which starts on July 1st.

Roland presented the proposed budget, which is over $49 million, “The Fiscal Year 17-18 budget of $49.5 million, will enable us to continue improving this organization, as well as our community. Additionally, the budget will place high priority on the future, as we begin planning for things like work on the capital improvement plan, while also continuing to take steps forward with respect to things like broadband expansion, which our community has been very outspoken about the need for that utility, and the increased coverage of that in Macon County.”

According to Roland, there are some inherent challenges in creating a budget, no matter if it’s for a private company, or a public entity, like Macon County, “Like all budgets, it will present challenges, in addition to opportunities. We’ll see unfunded mandates, a rise in healthcare costs, and an overall increase in the cost of doing business. But these challenges that we’re faced with are the same challenges that every other private and public sector organization will face in the coming fiscal year.”

In Roland’s presentation, he told the board that the county is going to be in good shape on the budget, in large part due to tax revenues being higher than projected during the current fiscal year, “While the fund balance here has decreased by 7%, when we talk about real money, we’re talking about a projected decrease of $700,000 in fiscal year 16-17. This is of course due to an increase in expenditures. But we were able to reduce this deficit because we say an increase in sales tax revenue, as well as ad valorem tax revenue.”

This was the first presentation and look at the budget for the county, and there will be more discussion and meetings on the budget coming before July.