Franklin Town Board to Demolish 3 Abandoned Properties

At the recent meeting of the Franklin Town Council, city officials unanimously approved the demolition of three properties located within the city limits that are in violation of the town’s housing code.

The properties are located at 14 Brittney Lane, 76 Hillcrest Avenue, and 456 Pauline Avenue. The town has received multiple complaints from the community about the condition and safety issues surrounding these properties. Once the town received complaints from five or more citizens, it could act to demolish the dwellings on the property.

Town Planner Justin Setser investigated the conditions of the dwellings determining the three properties posed health, safety and welfare issues for citizens.

The property located on Brittney Lane has extensive fire damage throughout the structure and poses a danger to public health. The structure has holes in the roof as well as has no doors and windows. In addition, the area around the structure is littered with trash. The Hillcrest Avenue property has been vacant for more than four years with no power or running water. The property located on Pauline Avenue which has been vacant for 25 years has significant damage to the structure’s roof and deck. After the demolition of the structures on the three properties, the town will attempt to collect the cost of the demolitions from the property owners.