Town Council Discusses Noise Ordinance

At this week’s regular meeting of the Franklin Town Council, a discussion on the noise ordinance for the town was led by Town Attorney, John Henning Jr.

Henning presented some ideas to the board about putting together a noise ordinance for the town, which police officers could enforce.

One of the parts of the draft of the ordinance presented by Henning is what officers could do if they were called to a noise complaint. Under the draft, a civil fine could be issued to the offenders, and if unpaid, it would become a misdemeanor. Henning says that the town has the ability to change the penalty section, if they want to, in order to give police officers more teeth in enforcing the ordinance, “There are ordinances that say, ‘This is enforceable either as a civil fine, or if the Police want to charge it as a misdemeanor, they have the latitude to do that.’”

Franklin Mayor, Bob Scott then told the board that he had been out with Police Officers and seen what they have to deal with at some loud parties and events, and something needs to be done, “I’m not talking about a family reunion, or a neighborhood get together. I’m talking about these bashes that take place. We’re not talking about little noisy birthday parties, we’re talking about some serious stuff. I saw people dragged to their car the other night at 1 o’clock in the morning, dead drunk with music going wide open. I don’t know that that’s in keeping with what Franklin’s all about.”

After much discussion, the board decided to look at the proposed ordinance further, and come back at the next meeting and decide what to do. Mayor Scott then challenged the board to take a close look at it, and decide what they wanted to do, “I’m going to challenge the board. You’ve got a month to study this, and I mean to study it hard and come back with your recommendations, because at some point, I think we’re either going to have to stop worrying about it, or we’re going to have to adopt something.”

The next regular meeting for the Town Board is scheduled for Tuesday, January 2nd.